Autumn is my favorite season because it’s starting to get cooler, the humidity is usually much lower, the leaves are amazing colors, and the holidays are approaching. I think a lot of people start to turn their attention more toward home, family, and friends. Summer – the time of going out and doing stuff and going on vacation and always being busy – is ending. And while summer was great fun and everybody enjoyed themselves, autumn is the time to slow down. It’s a relief to see the busy summer days come to an end. People spend more time at home where it’s warm, tucked away from the dark evenings since the days are getting shorter. Bonfires are the events of the season, and it’s the perfect opportunity to relax with people you care about. Sweaters and blankets come out. It’s the perfect time to walk in the woods or go for a hike.

People like to compare the literal seasons to the seasons of life.

I’m not going to get all philosophical on you, don’t worry. But I do like the idea that autumn could be compared to a time in your life when things are calming down. Maybe you’ve just been through something, either something hard or something exciting or just something that demanded a lot from you, and you’ve learned a lesson. The lesson is settling in, and making you look at life in a different way. You’re appreciating things and people more than you did before. You’re notice details that you didn’t before. Most of all you know you have grown, and that gives you a warm feeling even when it’s nippy outside.

So maybe that’s another reason I enjoy autumn so much. It reminds me of the peace that only God can give me, the peace that passeth understanding, the peace that comes when I need it to and makes me look at the world in a different light.

What’s your favorite thing about autumn?