When There is No Peace

Early this week, a well-known, self-professing atheist killed himself.

Cue the plethora of Facebook posts, memes, tweets, and comments about his now being at peace or at rest or free or “in a better place.” When bad things happen, especially suicide, we look for comfort. It’s only natural to want to make ourselves feel better. Death is hard enough to deal with, but at least natural death we can understand. Even then unbeliever can understand death. It’s a part of life, after all (the “Circle of Life” for those of us who grew up with Disney movies). Suicide we can’t understand; the people who are left behind cannot make sense of it and the only person who might be able to explain things a little bit is gone. None of us likes to be sad or confused or frustrated or upset. So we look for comfort.

But is there comfort to be found in lies? Is it okay to tell people, “This atheist, this person who utterly rejected God, is now at peace in a better place because he killed himself so don’t worry about it”? Maybe I will come off as harsh or mean but my answer, and I believe the Biblical answer, would adamantly be most absolutely not.

Here’s why:

1 – Someone who rejects God does not have peace. He might find temporary comfort in this life, but that is not peace. Peace only comes from God, and an atheist has rejected God and so rejected peace.

2 – This life on Earth is the best thing an atheist has. When an atheist leaves here, he is not in a better place. He is in hell.

3 – This is not what I want to address directly, but it’s still a fair point: Suicide is never the answer. Just because a person has killed himself does not mean he is at peace.

In short, it does much more harm than good to comfort people with empty assurances made up of lies – lies, moreover, that go completely contrary to the Word of God.

This is the verse that keeps coming to mind in this context: “They have healed also the hurt of the daughter of my people slightly [a.k.a. superficially], saying, Peace, peace; when there is no peace.” – Jeremiah 6:14

We are strongly cautioned against false teachers and false prophets, and I believe this kind of thing falls under that category – which is why I so strongly believe it is important to contradict this false teaching when it arises, rather than allow it to continue simply for the sake of not offending or upsetting people. If people aren’t confronted with the reality of sin and death, they will not understand why they need to turn to Christ. Therefore, simply telling them to “turn to Christ to find peace,” and ignore the part about hell and sin (as more than one Christian has told me to do) is not fulfilling our responsibility as Christians, in my opinion. Especially when the rest of the world is telling them a multitude of other places they can go for (empty, meaningless, fake) peace, including suicide.

So, in a situation like this, when people are claiming there is peace/rest/hope/something better in anything other than Christ, let’s correct them. Let’s tell them, “No, actually, that’s not true. What you’re pointing to is utterly hopeless. But I can tell you where to find hope.” We are to treat people with love. Isn’t it more loving to show them the Truth than to encourage them to continue following a lie that would ultimately lead to their destruction?

(Please note: I am not judging an individual’s heart, because only Christ can do that and Christ has the power to save anyone He pleases. But anyone who goes to his death an atheist will not find peace or rest in eternity.)

6 thoughts on “When There is No Peace

  1. I attended the funeral of a longtime friend some years ago. It was held in a church of which he was a member but his attendance had been spotty for some time. As a result, the preacher hardly knew him and spent most of the eulogy saying how “it wasn’t his place to judge the faith of a man who didn’t demonstrate it.” By claiming he was not judging he asked the rest of us to do it for him, and of course the obvious answer was that my friend was in hell. It was insulting and infuriating.

    You’ve just done the same thing. So I ask, what are we to think of the heart of a person who’s professed faith says, “judge not” when they write something like this?

    • I am not judging, God is. He said the only way to forgiveness and eternal life in Heaven is through Christ. If someone rejects Christ, that person will not have forgiveness and will go to Hell when He leaves this Earth. No one makes that judgment except God – He is the only one with the authority and power to do so.

  2. I used to think and believe as you do. Once you learn how to actually practice the love taught by Jesus, others may listen to you when you claim you follow him. This post is simply meanspirited and shows you have a great deal to learn about human beings.

    • I am sorry you feel this post is mean spirited. I am simply doing what I can to share the Truth of Christ, following the example He set forth. He does not abide false doctrine and I don’t believe we should either.

    • Melanie Thurman says:

      I would have to wonder Chris, just what love you feel Jesus practiced. He said that ” No one comes to the Father but by me.” If you don’t go to the Father, the other option is hell. How is it loving to let people believe that heaven is theirs when it is not. Atheists don’t even believe in God, so how can anyone expect that they would be in heaven? They are heading to a place they don’t even believe exists? How silly is that reasoning? Practicing the love that Jesus taught means speaking the truth as He did. That truth is found in His Word. How loving is it to let others head on their merry way straight into the flames of hell?

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