Valentine’s Day

I’ve been mulling over Valentine’s Day this week. What has struck me is how different people handle it. Valentine’s Day was never a huge thing for me, or my family. Don’t get me wrong, we all love chocolate! But I don’t need a special day to show the people in my life I care. I try to do that all year, every day. If someone wants to do something extra special on Valentine’s Day, that’s great and I would encourage that, but if we feel like we have to or we are just doing it because it’s our duty then we are already out of line and it has nothing to do with the day.

Another thing that I realized is how our perception of Valentine’s Day can change. When we are kids, it’s all about making paper hearts for our friends and giving (and receiving!) chocolate. But then somewhere along the line it turns into a day to focus on that “special someone” and if you don’t have a special someone, well, then, sorry, chocolate will be on sale tomorrow so you can console yourself. In the meantime, happy “singles awareness day.”

I’ve been mentally ranting to myself all day about that, but I will spare you most of it. The conclusion I have come to is this: get over it. So you are single. So what? That isn’t a bad thing. Why not remember what the day is supposed to be about (showing people you care, focusing on doing something nice for someone else) and go with it. You don’t have to be “in a relationship” to enjoy the day. Make valentines for your friends again, buy them chocolate.

Or not. Don’t celebrate at all. After all, it is just another day, another opportunity to show people you care in whatever way you choose.

One last thought. As a Christian, I am always secure in God’s love. I don’t need a special day for Him to remind me. I don’t have to mope because He didn’t buy me flowers or get me the right chocolate. He is perfect and His love is perfect. He is looking out for me and for my good, and I should be doing whatever I can to show my love for Him, always.

Valentine’s Day is fun. I’m not at all trying to put it down or say people shouldn’t celebrate. We all just need to be careful not to lose focus of what love is really all about.

Now, what kind of candy will you buy when everything is on sale? I like Reese’s!


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